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Courses from the UK Buteyko Breathing Centre


Your course is based on an initial individual assessment of each client. It is necessary to identify the personal respiratory pattern, symptoms and conditions so as to enable the practitioner to develop an individualised programme of Buteyko exercises. As response to breathing retraining can be rapid, you learn in several sessions totalling about 10 hours of tuition. Time is allowed in between the sessions for practice of the method at home, with ongoing assessment and adjustment of the exercise programme to individual needs.

Telephone follow-ups and free refreshers are part of the package. We start the breathing exercises on Day 1 and build these up over the duration of the course.
Throughout the course you will learn :

  • Nose clearing
  • Ideal posture to optimise breathing
  • 'Volume control' and breathing modulation
  • Identifying and managing triggers
  • Managing cold/flu/viruses
  • Identifying symptoms
  • Managing symptoms
  • The role of diet and metabolism
  • Getting the best from sleep
  • Effective exercise
  • How to reduce or eradicate medication

All the necessary theoretical information on the course generally, and relating specifically to your condition, is interspersed between the corresponding practical applications.

You will have some homework exercises to do between classes, then use the exercises for a minimum of 6 weeks (for moderate asthma) to 12 weeks. Some people will continue with a certain level of Buteyko exercises for the rest of their life. You will start to see benefits from day 1.

Within the 12 weeks you can expect to see:

  • Significant reduction in, or elimination of asthma reliever and preventer medications (the reduction of preventer medication is done in consultation with the client's medical practitioner).
  • Significant reduction in, or elimination of asthma symptoms and attacks and also the relief of other respiratory disorders, such as bronchitis, emphysema, bronchiectasis and sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnoea and snoring.
  • Increased stamina and energy levels, better work performance, improved sleep and better management of the symptoms of stress.

Buteyko4Asthma Small group or one-2-one learning? Whch is best?

Professor Buteyko always chose to teach and to train his practitioners in a group setting. He found by experience, and you will observe, that this format of teaching achieved far greater results than one-to-one teaching.

The published and peer reviewed Clinical trials measuring the effects of Buteyko on Asthma at the Mater Hospital, Brisbane (1995) and in Gisborne (New Zealand) (2000), were taught by experienced Buteyko Institute practitioners to groups of asthmatics, those participants having commmitted to a minimum of 9 hours tuition over 5 sessions.

The results of the clinical trial held in Brisbane in 1994 showed that asthmatic participants achieved a 71% reduction in symptoms, a 96% reduction in asthma reliever medication and 49% reduction in steroid use within 12 weeks of practising the Method.

When you OBSERVE SIX or more people getting GOOD RESULTS within two weeks, there is no doubt in your mind as to the negative effects of Chronic Hyperventilation and the positive effects of Buteyko.

You SHARE EXPERIENCES and work with people of all ages and stages of life, children, businesspeople, etc. and you learn from each others mistakes and triumphs! AND you get SUPPORT from the knowledge that you are not alone in having to put time and work into correcting your breathing.

You MOTIVATE each other and learn HOW TO MOTIVATE your family!

Discussions cover a wide variety of topics than in a one-to-one course. You gain EXTRA INFORMATION - useful stuff for now and useful as your health improves.

It is more FUN learning in a group! When you come back for follow-ups in the future you can see how other people have improved.

ONLY ButeykoClinic trained and Buteyko Institute trained practitioners have been trained by observing groups (minimum of 50 clients) being taught. NOTE that most of these practitioners have had breathing problems themselves, and are only considered qualified once they completed the tuition of 50 clients.

A UK Buteyko Breathing Centre course provides:

  • Individual personalised programme by a qualified, experienced professionally indemnified practitioner
  • Follow-on support, by telephone, e-mail or in person
  • Free-of-charge refreshers for 12 months on any of our courses

''We hope you can take a course soon. In the meantime you may have some questions, in which case please don't hesitate to contact the Centre by phone or by e-mail to clarify anything. You can also book a consultation or a place on a course. We hope to hear from you and in doing so allow yourself the opportunity to improve the quality of your life, in the way that many thousands of people worldwide have, including the practitioners of the UK Buteyko Breathing Centre''.

Linda Meads,
Buteyko Breathing Centre UK

February 2016



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